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Product line-up

Graphite Product

Ceramic product

Equipment Product


Business Outline

For customers, we strongly support on the basis of our various manufacturing knowledge and experience.


We are developing original equipment, systems and units. Based on our marketing research, we develop products for mass production.

  • Development of many kinds of apparatuses used in the semiconductor factory.
  • Development of semiconductor-manufacturing-equipment related system(Hot N2 supplier, furnaces operating under vacuum atmosphere, etc.)
  • Development of new type heater. (Graphite heater, kanthal heater, MoSi2 heater, etc.)
  • Development of environment-friendly power supply units
  • Suggestions by sincere consulting with customers.


We can supply specifically designed products for customers by our skilled designers and also undertake the design outsourcing.

  • Design of the products for customer’s needs.
  • Design of the in-house products.
  • Commissioned design for customers.


A clean-room (class 1000) is equipped for the product manufacturing in the semiconductor and the medical application.

  • Manufacturing of the products corresponding to customer’s needs.
  • Manufacturing of in-house products.
  • Commissioned assembly for customer’s products.


Not only typical evaluations but precise product characterizations using the clean-room and related documentation are available.

  • Evaluation of the products for customer’s needs.
  • Evaluation of in-house products.
  • Documentation of the evaluation results meeting customer’s requests.


Available to make a wide variety of suggestions on the basis of our manufacturing experience and wide connection with various providers.

  • Wide variety of products made of carbon, ceramics, metal and plastic. 
    (We can meet various customer’s requests using our global network. )

  • Sales of in-house products.
    (Vertical heating furnaces, N2 heater, automatic control units)
  • Optimal suggestions about the customer needed products based on our knowledge and experience.


Maintenance of various equipment can be performed and we can suggest the optimal improvement solution for the semiconductor manufacturing equipment.


  • Maintenance of in-house products.
  • Maintenance of semiconductor related various pieces of equipment.
  • The remedy proposals to the fault of various automatic controllers. (Automatic controller diagnostic unit etc.)